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Over two thousand years ago, women gathered at the well. Each day they came together to draw water. They talked. They shared. And they learned from each other.

Then one day, Jesus met a woman at the well — a woman with a painful past and a not-too-glamorous present. Jesus offered her Living Water. A fresh start. A second chance. And the woman was never the same again.

She became a voice to everyone in her community. She testified to the Grace and Truth that could only be found in Christ. And more lives were changed.

A lot can happen at the well, which why we’re creating a place where women can come to worship, to connect, and to grow.

Deeper Waters Ministry is hosting its first annual leadership conference for women called The WELL.

It’s a one-day conference designed to come alongside women who lead and serve — to encourage as well as provide practical leadership training. The main sessions will address such topics as:

  • What does a leader need to do to lay a firm foundation for a healthy ministry?
  • How do the expressed values of the ministry guide the decision-making process?
  • What can a leader do to build and maintain forward momentum?
  • How can a leader maximize her strengths and her communication skills?
  • What does a healthy leadership team look like?
  • How can a leader begin to raise up other leaders?

We’re very excited to have Lisa Allen and Wendy Blight from Proverbs 31 Ministries as our Keynote speakers. They offer a wealth of wisdom and experience we can glean from.

The day promises to be a very special time of renewal as we join other women to lift our voices to the One who continues to transform us all.

To learn more about The WELL: A Leadership Conference for Women, click on the following links:

Deep Waters

Deeper Waters

Deeper Waters Ministry exists to create a space where women can gather and drink deeply from the Living Water only Jesus can provide.

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