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Day 16 Scripture Reading: Joshua 16

Key Verse: “The allotment for the descendants of Joseph went from the Jordan at Jericho to the waters of Jericho on the east.” (Joshua 16:1, HCSB)

Wellspring of Life

I live by a stream, a big stream, a major river in fact. It is generally benign in my life. I’m only aware of the water-level during exceptionally wet weather. All the little streams and creeks flood first. Only then can enough water reach the river.

I know people who are afraid to live close to the big river. They fear floods.

For me, the river is not a source of worry. I view it as something lovely, as a blessing to my community — providing plenty of drinking water for everyone in the area. My river is scenic, not scary. But it is a boundary. It marks the edges of town and state. Many homes have yards that run only so far, then the land belongs to the river.

I think it comes down to perspective.

In today’s reading, the boundaries of the clans are distributed to the tribes of Israel.

One of the boundary markers is the Jordan River. Not only is water essential for life, but it also divides the lands and provides boundaries to mark the homes of the people.

Today, Jesus Christ is the Living Water, and He is the boundary marker in our lives.

The boundaries that come with a life in Christ are not be feared or dreaded. On the contrary, Jesus came to be the Wellspring of life.

How do we view the boundaries of our lives? As threats or blessings?

We can choose to see our limitations as either a menace or a resource. I want to see the boundary lines in my life as holding the potential to bring me closer to Christ.

Jesus came to be the Wellspring of life.
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