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Calms Our Storms

“Without warning, a furious storm
came up on the lake, so that the waves
swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping.”
~ Matthew 8:24

A fierce storm crashes into our early years of wedded bliss.

The sloshing current of failed pregnancies and adoptions brings us to our knees, wobbly from our sinking hearts.

Weary and wiped out, we approach the apex of marital counseling. We regurgitate a great deal of emotional waters in our nearly capsized boat.

But one thing remains constant as we gurgle for help throughout our 17½ years together:

Jesus consistently calms our storms when we call.

We launched into marriage believing everything would go smoothly as long as we had one another. Many storms, however, have reshaped our thinking.

We have learned we may not have full control over every wave of unforeseen circumstances crashing against the side of our Love Boat (Okay, I’m just following my heart’s musings into analogy’s wind). We do, however, have faith in the One who continually calms every variety of gale, squall, blizzard, twister, and tropical cyclone looming on our marital horizon.

The truth of the matter is simple, but not easy. Storms entangle many a marriage.

I don’t wake up every morning with minty-fresh breath, nor do I end every night with a sparkling disposition. Neither does my husband. My storm will clash with his and his mine. And our often-normal conditions will be disrupted by whatever life throws against our hull. That’s a storm defined, but it doesn’t have to define how we live.

Would we trade the storms? Would Dan and I trade the countless times we’ve stepped on each other’s toes only to learn the rhythm of each other’s heart-dance? Would we trade the tearful times of intense fellowship only to recognize each other’s style of conflict?

Would we trade the sorrow of our fourth and final miscarriage only to miss out on giving our Joy her name? Would we trade the tension of being adoptive parents only to lose sight of the maturity such perseverance will produce in us and in our son? Would we trade the lines of miscommunication only to understand our words mean nothing without genuine resolve?

We didn’t know the answers in the early days of our marriage, but we rest peacefully in the answers now.

Every day, our marriage learns to live less frightened by whatever may strike our hull–and more amazed by Who inhabits our boat. And for that, we would not trade our storms for anything!

Have you been shaped by the storms of life?

What has Jesus taught you in those seasons?


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