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Welcome to our journey through the Book of Daniel!
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— Read: Daniel 8

I confess…I counted ’em…every one…the word “horn” or “horned” or some other variation of it. In the CSB version, the word appears at least 13 times in just one chapter.

That a lot of horns.

A horn symbolizes power and dominion. So in Chapter 8, Daniel’s vision deals with future powers that will rise and fall. Besides all the horns, his dream also includes a ram and a goat.

Are we having fun yet?

Thankfully, the angel Gabriel shows up to interpret the dream for Daniel. Basically, the dream forecasts a future with more persecution for the Jews. By dream’s end, Daniel is so overcome that he spends the next few days in bed sick. Likely, sick with grief.

But notice what Daniel does next.

“Then I got up and went about the king’s business.” (Daniel 8:27)

No one could have blamed Daniel if he wanted to just hang up his hat and retire. He’s in his eighties after all. And this dream has just revealed the many more years of persecution his people will have to endure. So, yeah, I totally get the part where he goes to bed for days. Sick with grief. And maybe just plain sick and tired too.

But then…he got up and went about the king’s business.

There have been seasons in my life where the “flaming arrows” seemed relentless. And, yeah, there have been days when I just wanted to stay in bed, utterly drained and sick of it all. But that’s not where I want to stay.

It’s okay to grieve. But healthy grieving eventually moves us forward.

When circumstances knock me down, I may need to grieve, I may need a day or two in bed. But then?

I want to get up and go about the King’s business.


— Diving Deeper —

The next time life deals you another blow, remember Daniel.
He grieved, and then he got up and went about the king’s business.
And we can do the same.


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