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The cardboard box — filled with Edna’s treasures — was gently placed in the floor of her daughter’s, car. Soon the house Edna had lived in for years would be as empty as her precious body we that laid to rest the previous week. Her daughter and I reminisced for a few minutes before she began her long drive back to Tennessee and her family.

Edna’s life was full of laughter and love, even though many of her years were lived as a widow. She spent time praying for young moms and encouraging those around her with wisdom gained from a lifetime of experiences. These were the greatest gifts she would give to anyone who knew her.

Living, to her, was giving the love of Christ away.

In Edna’s absence, I was comforted by the thought of heaven being realized for her. Where Christ had once been seen through Scripture with squinted eyes, now she could see Him clearly, face to face. Her well-worn body, bent-over as a question mark was now straight as an exclamation point before God.

To live is to give, and to die is to gain. It seems counter-intuitive, but a life in Christ is just that way.

To live as Christ is to follow His example. He gave it all: His love, His wisdom, and His very life. He did not consider anything of this world more valuable than what waited for Him in heaven. He released all the Father gave to Him, using it as an opportunity to show others the Father.

“I only do what I see my Father do.” Christ tells us.

The Father gives. He gives us His love, His wisdom, and His Son to redeem us back to himself.

If the Father and Son give, what can be our response to this life, except to give?

Giving is not just monetary, but also physical as you share a meal, and spiritual as you share God’s Word. It can also be sacrificial as we give priority in prayer to those around us.

We give because the only thing we can hope to find in heaven that is also on earth, is the soul who is next to you.

When I arrive before the Father, I want to be empty handed and my body worn threadbare. I want to be able to tell Him, “I have nothing to show, everything you gave to me, I gave away to others.”

Today: Read Philippians 1:21-26



~ Diving Deeper ~

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Diane Bailey

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