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Welcome to our online Bible study on Luke!
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Read: Luke 3:21-37

As a young adult, I struggled to know that I was valued. I knew that I had skills, talents, and abilities. But I wanted to know that if all of that fell away, would someone still care about me?

In trying to find that acceptance, I strayed into sin. Little by little, the desire to be acknowledged became so big that it consumed me. For several years, I lived in disobedience to God’s Word.

When I came to the end of that road, confession was needed in many relationships.

One of the hardest ones was facing my parents.

As I stood beside my dad, uncovering what I had been hiding, he put his arm around me. While pulling me close, Dad said “I forgive you, and I love you.”

My eyes still fill with tears when I remember that moment. Though I knew intellectually that my father loved me, I’d never heard those words from him before. The power of transformation those words held amazed me and encouraged me during many difficult days ahead.

Today we see Jesus beginning his ministry years, persuading his cousin John the Baptist to baptize him.

The familiar words of the story became new as I considered how the words of Jesus’ heavenly Father might have impacted him.

Jesus, both fully divine and fully human, had the same need for Parental approval as we experience. I can only imagine how often Jesus thought of those words His Father spoke over him that day of his baptism:

You are My Son, the Son I love and in You I take great pleasure.

Whether you are a parent, or an aunt, or a mentor, you have people in your sphere of influence who would flourish with your blessing.

If Jesus, the son of God, was blessed to hear these words from His Father, how much more do frail human beings need that blessing?

Who will you bless with thought-filled words today?

Sheila Dailie

Sheila Dailie continues to be amazed by God’s love for her. She speaks about the God who has wooed her all her life, and she uses her leadership skills to serve others in her church. Having raised four girls on her husband’s family farm, Sheila currently teaches piano lessons and cherishes time with her two granddaughters. She enjoys large family gatherings, long conversations with friends near and far, as well as reading, writing occasional blog posts, and photographing the beauty of her South Dakota country homestead.

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