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Welcome to DAY 6 of our new online Bible study on Ephesians!

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Read: Ephesians 1:18-23

“I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened
in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you.”

Paul speaks of an inner knowing, the enlightenment of a soul filled with the power of God. Paul speaks of the kind of wisdom and understanding that places the gift of God in the here and now. Paul encourages believers to trust the hope that lies within them, to have confidence in their calling.

Paul tells us this inner knowing may not be something we see with our natural eyes, but with the eyes of the heart.

It isn’t something we have to hope for in the future. We can enjoy the benefits, the glorious inheritance — here on earth. Today.

Paul makes clear that the power we have comes from a power entrusted to Christ from God himself. This ancient power transcends time and is greater than any kingdom or authority. It is the ancient wisdom and truth of God’s power that envelops an embodied church.

As believers we are filled, covered, embraced, and loved through the fulfillment of a powerful promise — a promise of power that works and is with us always.

I read the text as a reminder to use our spiritual eyes, to filter everything we face through a lens of Immanuel — God with us. This active stance keeps us mindful of the power of His presence in our lives. Beyond what we see or feel we have to trust the working of His great power on our behalf. Period. It’s our job, as believers, to stay in faith. He promises this power to believers. We are called to be active, engaged, and committed to the call of Christ.

I’m grateful for the reminder of this important requirement. I believe, but so much more often, get stuck on the wonderment and miracles of Jesus. It’s natural for me to lean toward the thrill of unexplained occurrences, the impossible made possible, but the work before that is the work of faith. And that’s where belief comes in. We have to position ourselves to be conduits for that power. A power we don’t get to see or touch.

Paul offers, in the text, a straight no chaser truth — Immanuel, God is with us.

This is the unexplained wonder of a God we can’t see, but walks with us. He requires we believe. He wants our faith. We’re called to see beyond our circumstances, to trust God and the power He gives freely to pursue our lives and calling with wisdom and revelation.

I’m reminded of the part we play in this relationship. How we work in tandem with a God who makes it plain. We believe. He fills. We believe.

As a human living in the world we face a reality that sets us up for a lifetime of doubt and wonder. Yet, this passage eases anxiety about the journey of faith; it settles stress over the political climate, our relationships . . .

The biblical text is God’s assurance. Now and into the future.

His is the power that rose Jesus from death to life. If we believe in the cross, we have to believe in the power and promise. It belongs to us as well.

God assures us — the power of a risen Savior is working for, in, and through us.

The hope, the riches, the inheritance, the power — is ours. Right now and always. If we believe.


~ Diving Deeper ~

How often do you remember that the same power that rose Jesus
from the grave also lives inside every believer — inside you?
How might this affect the way we see our present-day struggles?


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Lisha Epperson

Lisha is a hopeful romantic, a lover of Jesus, a writer, speaker, and dancer seeking ordination as a minister. She writes about how grace intersects with her life as a midlife woman of faith, as a believer in New York City, and as a learner pursuing her passions and calling in the midst of it all. She covers topics on relationships, faith, race, and justice issues, the connection between movement and prayer, and on motherhood, including her journey through the wilderness of infertility and her perspective now as a step, adoptive, and biological mama. You can read more from her at

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