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Welcome to DAY 5 of our online Bible study on James!

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— Read: James 1:13-18

After a long flight I can hardly wait to stretch my cramped legs before boarding my connecting plane. Thankfully, my layover gives me plenty of time to walk the newly remodeled airport. What starts as a fast-paced walk soon turns into a slow-paced saunter. Each storefront seems more alluring than the next. Restaurant choices are endless.

And then I smell it wafting through the air. Maybe because my senses are already on overload, the mere fragrance of fresh baked cinnamon rolls almost sends me into a sugar frenzy. My nose tells me something me eyes can’t yet see: With every step I inch closer.

As I arrive at the source I see her: A woman about my age, dressed pretty much like me. She stands frozen in front of the cinnamon roll store — her eyes fixed on the sign, which declares the rolls are, in fact, “Fresh. Hot. Delicious.” I don’t have to ask what she’s thinking as she stands transfixed in front of the bakery. I know. Every woman knows. I smile to myself as I keep on walking.

I get her.

Soon the picture of her standing frozen, mulling over the choice, fades from my mind. Until I circle back around. This time she stands in front of another store — the frozen yogurt one. I chuckle. I really get her. I keep on walking.

After a few minutes I turn back and to my surprise, there she is again. Only now she’s seated with something in front of her. I strain to see which choice she’s made. A giant cinnamon roll with a scoop of frozen yogurt!

I laugh out loud. It seems funny until I realize how easily we all get lured into temptation, often with more significant consequences than indulging in a bakery good. We even occasionally try to justify our guilt with a side order of something “good” by thinking: I deserve it. Just this once. YOLO! (You only live once!)

Then it hits me: We are all like the woman at the airport.

James 1:14 reminds us that no is immune. Not me. Not you. Not her.

“Each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed.”

And like the gal at the airport, the longer we linger the keener the craving; the keener the craving the weaker the willpower. The lures of the world are fierce and the resolve of the flesh is weak.

No wonder God calls our relationship with Him a walk and not a stop.


— Diving Deeper —

According to James, why did God choose to give people a chance fora second birth?


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