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DAY 43

Read: Luke 22:39-65

One simple sentence. Eighteen small words.

Together, they encapsulate the most significant act of love that will ever exist.

These words Jesus prayed were drenched in the blood-mingled sweat of anguished surrender. He knew the path that waited Him — a path that would lead to Golgotha, and the redemption of the world.

We read in Luke the intentional steps leading to the cross. Soon Peter, one of His closest friends, would deny Him. The rulers would ridicule Him. His countrymen would reject Him.

Jesus would be forced into a false trial, beaten mercilessly, and killed in one of the most brutal ways possible.

Yet not my will, but Yours be done.

These words are critical for us today. There is no way we can imagine the depth of grief in Jesus’ heart that night. Jesus suffered in His will before He suffered in His body.

Jesus could have said no. He could have refused to take our punishment, for they had no authority over Him. They couldn’t kill Him unless He surrendered Himself to death.

But He said: Yet not my will, but Yours be done.

Jesus did all of this for us.

He surrendered.
He suffered.
He died.
He saved.
He freed.

Let us receive His gift today.

Linda Gibbs

Linda's heart is with the worn. She writes to encourage and give hope to others because of the crazy love God has for the weary. As a single mom for more than 20 years, Linda has experienced, firsthand, God's delight in His children. Linda lives on the Great Plains of Nebraska with a lot of pigs. Literally. She manages the family pig business.

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