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DAY 40

Read: Luke 20:20-47

When I read Jesus asking what picture appeared on a Roman coin, I often think about what appears on Canadian coins. On the front of all Canadian coins is an image of Queen Elizabeth II.

As Queen and Ruler of my country, although mostly a symbolic role today, I am to be a loyal subject and pay my taxes to her government, obeying her laws.

As King and Ruler of my soul, I am to be a loyal subject and honour Jesus with my faith, time, talents, and life. I am to follow His commandments and laws.

I can’t say I’m always a loyal subject to either Ruler. I break the speed limit. I pay my taxes late. I don’t obey the Holy Spirit’s nudge to talk to someone about Jesus. I always don’t tithe properly.

I pray that I never look at the coins in my purse, or the loose change in my car, the same way ever again. It’s not just loose change. It all belongs to Him. And I am merely a steward of everything He has so generously placed in my care.

Carol Hulin

Carol is on the adventure of her life -- being a mature student at Bible College in Ontario, Canada. She's entering her final year of study and will graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and Biblical Studies in April of 2017.

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