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Welcome to our online Bible study on Luke!
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Read: Luke 2:21-52

Long after I moved away from home, my mom handed me a thin yellow envelope one day and said it contained a few things she had saved from my childhood.

Inside the envelope were two black and white snapshots of me. One was taken before I could sit up, and the other was probably captured when I was about two years old. There was a single lock of white blonde hair, an essay I had written for a state contest and won, and my eighth grade report card. For whatever reason these were the things my mom felt were important enough to treasure from my early years of life.

The verses we read today are the few snapshots recorded of the life of Jesus as a child. Interestingly, no other Gospel writer mentions anything about Jesus’ childhood.

The first picture is of this baby boy being circumcised on the eighth day, and being given the name Jesus, just as the angel had instructed. After the prescribed time, we see Joseph and Mary take him to Jerusalem to be consecrated to the Lord since He is their firstborn.

This gives us hints into the kind home Joseph and Mary must have furnished for Jesus. A home centered on God’s love, His commandments, and His way of life. This is probably one reason God selected them to provide His Son’s early childhood development.

In the temple, Simeon and Anna confirm the destiny of this child and how He will effect, not only the nation of Israel, but the whole world.

But the key portrait we have recorded for us is perhaps the one where Jesus is twelve years old.

His family journeyed to the Feast, according to custom. After the Feast was over, His parents begin the pilgrimage home, only to find their son missing from the group. After three days they found Him, not playing with other boys, or even concerned that He had been left by his family, but engaged among the teachers in the temple courts, listening to them and asking them questions.

Everyone who heard Him was amazed at His understanding and His answers.

What we know from these fragments of Jesus’ life as a young boy, is that he was exceptional child.

Do you have a special place where you keep special memories?


Rhonda Quaney

Rhonda and her husband, Jim, recently sold the home where they raised their family and moved to 44 acres that is teeming with wildlife. The land came with an old white farmhouse which is a work in progress. People frequently stop them in the grocery store to offer “free” random pets such as a potbelly pig, fainting goats, and ponies. Rhonda sees all of this as proof of God’s good gifts and humor. She writes stories of redemption at

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