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Welcome to DAY 4 of our online Bible study on James!

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— Read: James 1:9-12

Dazzled by the promise of stock market profits, I had my sights on the rewards money can buy. But I began this career path the same year I became a believer. And God would not have me wooed by riches. Today, I am blessed to work in the field of personal finance, helping individuals save and plan for retirement.

One of the first clients I met was a man named Ben. His wife inherited a small amount of money from her father’s estate and he was looking for help investing it. Ben was a truck driver for a local grocery store chain. As I talked to him and asked him about his goals for the funds, I was surprised to learn that he wanted to move to Arizona to plant a church. Instead of saving the money for retirement, Ben and his wife planned to use the small inheritance as seed money for the church plant. Over the course of this business relationship, this humble truck driver became a mentor for me in many ways as we discussed Scripture and faith.

Besides the inheritance, Ben and his wife did not have a lot of earthly wealth. But in my eyes, they were truly rich.

Shortly after God placed Ben in my life, I met another client, Charlie, a retired engineer. He was fortunate to have a company pension. His monthly pension checks allowed him and his wife to live comfortably with a modest lifestyle. Charlie also had a substantial nest egg in his company retirement account. Instead of taking trips around the world, his dream was to invest his entire retirement savings to start a therapeutic equestrian center for high risk children.

Charlie was a quiet man of God whose heart was for the least of these.

I will always remember these humble, generous people God put in my path during my early years as a new believer.

They taught me some very important truths about accumulating wealth. God knew my sinful heart and my biggest temptation to keep up with the Joneses. These godly men lived their lives in deep appreciation that everything is a gift and blessing from our heavenly Father. He gives us financial resources so that we can live as people who reflect His love, not to fill up rented storage units with more stuff.

Every possession we acquire solely for our purpose will only exist in the temporal realm.

No matter how much wealth we accumulate, if we work for ourselves, our souls will become bankrupt.

Everlasting wealth, however, is created when it is passed through the hands of Jesus. At that moment, mortal wealth becomes immortal treasure.


— Diving Deeper —

James reiterates the temporal nature of this earthly life.
How does that influence the decisions you make?

How does it influence the confidence you place in earthly security money provides?


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Mei Au

God has such a hilarious sense of humor. He turned this bean counter into a Bible geek, from lover of numbers to lover of His Word. After spending 38 years pursuing worldly success, Mei encountered the Living Christ. So, instead of climbing corporate ladders, she has been chasing after Jesus. Mei’s passion is to help other women find their true significance in Christ.

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