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Welcome to DAY 4 of our new online Bible study on Ephesians!

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Read: Ephesians 1:13-14
I felt it when I was growing up in my own home. I felt it during that one awkward year of public elementary school. I felt it in junior high when I tried out for the volleyball team. I felt in high school when I woke up to toilet paper streaming from the trees. I felt it in college sitting in my dorm room during the yearly banquet. And I felt it in the church when I tried to strike up conversations with other young mothers.


I felt that I did not belong.

But these are never the labels of anyone who belongs to Christ.

Ephesians 1:13-14 uses words like these:

Marked in Him.
God’s possession.
Included in Christ.
Guaranteed inheritance.

I was three years old the night I believed that Jesus Christ died for my sin on the cross and I prayed for His forgiveness. In that moment, I was “marked in Him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit,” as are all believers. Not only is every Christ-follower promised the Holy Spirit to be our guide and comforter through life on earth, but He is a sweet taste of what is to come when we inherit all that God has in store for us in eternity!

We are spiritual refugees, making our way, not through uncharted deserts or treacherous valleys, but guided through everyday moments by the purposeful hand of God toward redemption.

We belong.

And we belong to God

Personally, I never feel more known than when I sense the Holy Spirit whispering to my heart, convicting me, comforting me, and reminding me that I am His and He is mine. God’s commitment to us cannot be constrained, confounded, or cast away.

Certainly, we may have chapters in our lives where we feel like pilgrims wandering through, never settling into a place where we belong, but I don’t think we are ever really meant to feel complete in this world. Heaven is our home!

Perhaps you too feel like you are not accepted wherever you are in your corner of the world today. If you are sealed for Christ, awaiting the day when you will join Him for all of eternity, do not be discouraged.

You are a perfect fit for the love of God and you are His child, completely accepted just as you are.


~ Diving Deeper ~

Have you every felt left out, unaccepted?
What does it mean to you, knowing that our promise in Christ Jesus is secure with the seal of the Holy Spirit?
Share in the comments!

Amber Lia

A former high school English teacher, Amber is a work-at-home mom of 4 little boys under the age of 8. She and her husband, Guy, own Storehouse Media Group, a faith-friendly and family-friendly TV and Film production company in Los Angeles, CA. When she’s not building sandcastles with her boys on the beach, or searching for Nerf darts all over her house, you can find Amber writing to encourage families on her blog at

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