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Welcome to our online Bible study on Luke!
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DAY 35

Read: Luke 18:1-17

After a moving day filled with commotion and chaos, we cleared a space for a bit of down time in our daughter’s new home.

The guys headed one direction for some “R and R,” and some of the girls wanted to do a little shopping. But our youngest granddaughter and I were content to settle down in that open space with some books and blocks

What a delight to read with varying voices, complete with animal sounds, while being rewarded by the nearly two-year-old giggle.

Then I watched as she would build a tower of blocks and then wait for that moment when it was time to knock them over, laughing in sheer pleasure.

Reveling in her choices of stacking cubes on cubes and cylinders on cylinders, we observed the wheels of her brain whirring and learning.

Her transparency, her spontaneity, her joy in simple activities helped us relax and enjoy our evening, even after a busy day.

That is what Jesus wants for us too.

For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children. ~ Luke 18:16b

Not only does He want it for us, He reminds us that when we come to Him, we will come as children.

We will come as we are, without pretense. Humbly, knowing we need His grace.
We will not bring a pre-conceived agenda. Our mission will be to follow Him, step by step–day by day.
We will rejoice in everything (Philippians 4:4), for we trust that He will meet all our needs (Philippians 4:19).

Jesus’s statements challenge our thinking, forcing us to break out of the pre-conceived ‘religious’ behaviors and beliefs. When we come to Him, He wants us to respond like little children: honest, perhaps a little impulsive, ready to rejoice, laugh and sing.

Each morning I try to consciously seek His mercy for my ever-present need.

I’m learning to lay aside my preconceived ideas and time-tables and rest at His feet.

I’ve begun keeping a journal of precious joys in the front-leaf of my Bible.

How do you practice coming to Christ as a little child?


Sheila Dailie

Sheila Dailie continues to be amazed by God’s love for her. She speaks about the God who has wooed her all her life, and she uses her leadership skills to serve others in her church. Having raised four girls on her husband’s family farm, Sheila currently teaches piano lessons and cherishes time with her two granddaughters. She enjoys large family gatherings, long conversations with friends near and far, as well as reading, writing occasional blog posts, and photographing the beauty of her South Dakota country homestead.

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