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Welcome to DAY 3 of our new online Bible study on Ephesians!

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Read: Ephesians 1:7-12
It’s the first thing I see when I enter my office every morning. Even in the darkness of the room where just a sliver of light peeks through the blinds, the black wooden lettering spelling “REDEEMED” is clearly visible on the wall above my window.

I remember the day this word became so precious to me.

There I stood in the check-in line for college, getting my dorm assignment and making sure my class registration was correct. As I completed each station, the final hurdle of paying the bill awaited and I was anxious. I didn’t know how much it was going to cost, but without loans or assistance from parents, there was no hope I would have enough to pay for one semester let alone four years.

Then the most amazing thing happened. As I approached the clerk, my fear and anxiety were met with extraordinary grace. The head-scratching kind that blows all logic out of the water. The extravagant kind that leaves a soul overflowing in gratitude and changes a life forever.

Instead of receiving an unpayable invoice, I received a statement with “Paid in Full” stamped across the top.

Someone marked “anonymous” heard of my difficult situation and my strong desire for a degree in Christian Education. And for reasons I will never understand, they chose me. They chose me to pay not just for one semester, but all four years. They could have stopped there, but they didn’t. The lavishing continued with money above and beyond to pay for all of my books in entirety.

In an instant, my life was changed!

What a picture of lavishing grace this has been for me through the years. And what a splendid image of redemption. A debt owed that could not be paid was paid in full, above and beyond. With no expectation of anything in return.

This is the truth of Paul’s message in Ephesians 1:7-12.

That God chose each and every one of us, and in choosing us, He also chose to pay the highest price for us . . . for a debt we could never pay. Not the clearance price, not the sale price, and not the bare minimum. God chose to pay the highest price. He chose to lavish us with such extraordinary, unfathomable love and grace.

The head-scratching kind that blows logic out of the water. The extravagant kind that leaves a soul overflowing in gratitude and changes a life forever. The unimaginable kind that asks for nothing in return.

The life changing kind, so that we might live now and forever . . .

for the praise of His glory!


~ Diving Deeper ~

Have you been in a situation where you owed something,
but someone else paid? How is this scenario an echo of the grace
God has given us — where we owed, and He paid?
Share in the comments!

Crystal Twaddell

Crystal is an advocate of living outside of comfort zones as a means to unlocking hidden potential and experiencing God’s wild and uncontainable love. She writes on combining a little bit of intention with a lot of passion to create an overwhelming legacy of hope. She’s also a lover of fresh markets, lattes, and all things French.

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