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DAY 28

Read: 14:25-35

Jesus told three parables to describe how to calculate the cost of being one of His disciples.

The first parable involves calculating the cost of constructing a building. Before we build, we add up the price of all the supplies and time needed. How much for the land, for the lumber, and for the labour? Then we must assess whether or not we have enough funds to do this project.

The second parable involves a wise king who considers the cost of going to war. He asks his advisors if his 10,000 soldiers can defeat their 20,000? Do we have enough, spears, arrows, and armour? If not, the king will contact his enemy and pursue peace.

The third parable involves salt: Good salt vs. salt that has gone bad. We throw out the bad salt — because it’s useless. It has lost its saltiness and it’s no longer worth keeping as its cost has been used up.

All three parables show that we too must sit down and count the cost of serving Him. Do I have the time? What about my family? What will be the results? And the most important question being: Do I really want to serve Him?

When studying these parables for a class I recently took, my professor said that we have to love Jesus more than anything and the cost to serve Him is high, but it is oh-so-worth-it.

Carol Hulin

Carol is on the adventure of her life -- being a mature student at Bible College in Ontario, Canada. She's entering her final year of study and will graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and Biblical Studies in April of 2017.

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