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Welcome to DAY 28 of our online Bible study on Ephesians!

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DAY 28

Read: Ephesians 6:10-15

It was one of those crazy busy Saturday mornings where chaos seemed to rule the day. My kids inhaled their toaster waffles and barely had enough time to gulp down half a glass of milk before we needed to head out the door so they could compete in a skating competition. I rushed to the front door and collected all of the skating paraphernalia that had been set out the night before and promptly began loading it into the car.

“C’mon girls!” I shouted from the driveway. “We’ve got a long drive and we can’t be late to the competition.”

Just then, both girls darted past me as I bounded back up the front steps to give the entry way one last glance-over, making sure nothing had been left behind, then I turned and locked the front door.

Once we arrived at our destination, after three long hours of driving, everyone piled out of the car and my husband went inside to register each of them for their events. I opened the back of the car and began handing them each of their items; skating dresses, tights, tote bags filled with everything needed to fix their hair and apply make-up, and of course their skate bags.

“Here Mom,” my oldest daughter said, holding out her free arm. “Just take my skates out of my bag and hang them on my arm. I can manage from there.” I lifted her skate bag from the back of the car and suddenly felt a knot in my stomach. It was way too light.

I peered inside and immediately, a sense of panic rushed over me.

“Honey! Where are your skates?” I questioned.

She peered into the empty bag. “Oh my gosh! I polished my skates last night and I must have left them in my room! What am I going to do?” she exclaimed, her eyes big as saucers, begging me for an answer.

My daughter ended up borrowing someone else’s skates in order to compete. And while her dress sparkled and her hair was perfectly coiffed, the borrowed skates were ill-fitting, causing her to fall during her routine, costing her a place on the podium. She learned a valuable lesson that day — to take the time to inventory everything she needed in order to compete and thankfully, she never forgot to bring her own skates again!

In Ephesians 6:10-15, Paul tells us we need to put on the whole armor of God in order to effectively battle against our enemy, Satan. We do that through prayer, taking each piece, and mentally putting it on for protection.

Our armor isn’t borrowed, so each piece fits perfectly, and is given by God Himself to be able to stand against the strategies and weapons the enemy uses against us.

These Scriptures use covenantal language, meaning we exchange our weaknesses for God’s strength, and He takes on our enemy on our behalf.

With His work on the cross, we know that Christ has already defeated every foe in the spirit realm, yet it’s still vitally important that we take the time to put each and every piece of armor on daily, in order to avoid a fall.



~ Diving Deeper ~

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