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Welcome to DAY 25 of our online Bible study on Ephesians!

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DAY 25

Read: Ephesians 5:28-33

I remember the first argument my husband and I ever had. He left for work angry, and I was left standing in our doorway — unsettled, shaken, and angry myself.

I did a horrid thing that day. Full of anger and pride, I took our picture out of the frame by our bedside and tore it in two. Right down the middle. I stacked the two pieces on top of one another and set them into the drawer next to the frame and proudly walked away. Hoping he would find it.

This was 27 years ago and I will humbly share that we are still married to this day, despite my pride and anger that tore us apart,in so many ways.

I was not reverent.
I was not submissive.
I was not loving.

He did not love me as himself.
He did not honor me.
He walked away and left me to myself.

We were not one.

To this day, when we begin to find conflict sneaking into our lives or we feel that something is turning us away from and not toward one another, we know that we are not living in unity.

God commands us to Oneness. But, more importantly, He desires this for marriage, our lives in Christ and with the Church.

“This mystery is profound, but I am talking about Christ and the church. To sum up, each one of you is to love his wife as himself, and the wife is to respect her husband.” (Ephesians 5:32-33)

This is a great mystery until we discover the very secret to His plan. Oneness is the most beautiful, rewarding, and sacrificial plan for marriage and the Church.

The oneness God designed for marriage reflects the oneness we have in Christ.

In Oneness, we discover:

  • unity
  • purity
  • peace
  • holiness
  • reverence
  • selflessness
  • true, sacrificial love
  • the beauty of true submission

The Great Mystery that Paul refers here to correlates marriage to Christ’s love for the Church: Condescending to bear one another’s burdens; not advancing ourselves above others, nor domineering over one another.

This beautiful plan can be easily altered on this earth in marriage, if we are not careful to heed and know the holy plan our God has for marriage as for His Church.

When my husband and I discovered the great mystery Christ unfolded in our marriage and the great love He has for His bride, we are in humble reverence of every sacred moment that creates Oneness.

Reverence consists of love and esteem. In Christ alone.


~ Diving Deeper ~

Why is unity so important to the church body?


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