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Welcome to DAY 24 of our online Bible study on James!

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DAY 24

— Read: James 5:13-18

Pray if you are troubled.
Pray if you are happy.
Pray if you are ill.
Pray if you have separated yourself from God.

Obviously, we are supposed to be praying at all times. But why? Why should we pray?

James reminds us as he recalls the story of Elijah in James 5:17. Prayer has power.

I have prayed the rote prayers of a child in Episcopal school, and as an adult, I have prayed the “on my knees, tears flooding down my face” prayers and — Yes! — I believe they have power.

Prayer has power because it’s the open door of communication between us and God. Communication creates knowing and intimacy. It allows us the space to not only share ourselves with God, but it also allows us to receive comfort, love, direction, and encouragement from the one who created us. And that has power.

So where do we get stuck?

I have been guilty of thinking of prayer as a text message rather than an ongoing daily, minute by minute, conversation. This introvert loves her text messaging! Texting offers me an opportunity to throw out a question and receive a quick response, but it doesn’t allow me the possibility to take that relationship to a true place of understanding.

Having someone know me comes from walking with me and experiencing my emotions, breathing, cadence, and rhythms.

If prayer is going to be powerful in our life today like it was for Elijah, then we have to be available to God. He must know where we are experiencing trouble, joy, weariness, and temptation. He also wants to hear the confessions of our hearts and have the opportunity to usher in waves of mercy and grace over us.

In a world that keep our plates filled to the brim how do we do that?

You have to create your own way, but you can trust that there is no one formula that works better than another. God and I have always communicated best through my journal. It keeps me focused. I’ve also trained myself to pray for certain things when I participate in specific tasks.

Doing dishes = praying for my kids.
Sounds of a siren = praying for emergency responders.
Sorting socks = praying for children who don’t know where their next meal will come from.

Timers go off on my phone that remind me to pray for certain things throughout the day, and lastly, I have my prayer “ring.” It’s a simple O-ring that sits on my desk with notes cards filling it. On one side is a name and on the other side are the requests of that friend or client.

These are my ways of creating open doors between God and myself. What are your ways? How will you allow the power of prayer to flood your life?


— Diving Deeper —

What are some practical ways
you can include prayer in your everyday life?


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