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“Lord, please don’t let us have another day like today. I cannot do it again.”

I sat at the red light begging God to ensure good days for virtually the rest of the year, if not the rest of my life. I’d had a no good, horrible, very bad day. I was tired and exhausted, and all I could think about was tomorrow’s sanity.

Even as I spoke, His words came to my mind, “You can do all things.”

Great. Just great. God may or may not prevent this from happening again . . . was the first response my mind had.

But then, my thoughts shifted. I looked up to the sky, and He had painted His goodness, a magnificent masterpiece, over me. There was no rainbow promising me that this would never happen again, but the horizon was a mix of orange and purple haze layered with yellow. Above it, a giant periwinkle cloud with sunrays shining up and out of it covered the majority of the sky, hiding the sun.

I gazed skyward for a long time thinking of the glory of God.

One of the beauties of the sky is that when the light is hidden, it is still there, shining somewhere. Even when the sky is dark and night prevails, we always know the sun is coming back around to bless us again.

No matter how bleak things may look, God is still there too. He wants to show us Himself. But also, the shadows, the light and the dark, they work in tandem to reveal the true glory of God. We still have hope on the hard days, when we have plenty, and when we have need and feel our lack.

When His goodness seems hidden, He teaches us to look for His glory, to see Him in the dark, when we are brought low.

On our own, we’re rarely able to be content no matter what. However, when we look to Jesus, we find strength to be content through Him. He is the one we follow. When He brings us to hard places, He will not leave us alone in them. Paul still found and revealed the glory of God in prison.

We, too,can do the impossible, because God has done the impossible for us, through Jesus, His Son.

Today: Read Philippians 4:10-14



~ Diving Deeper ~

Have you struggled to find contentment in the everyday ordinary?
How might a lifestyle of gratitude lift your countenance
as you fix your gaze on Christ?
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Jamie Harper

Jamie spent much of her life as a good girl and people pleaser, but she walked through a valley of darkness, wondering if God had deserted her. Instead she found Him near. Grace dug her out of her own people-pleasing pit to be deeply rooted in His Love.

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