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Welcome to DAY 22 of our online Bible study on Ephesians!

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DAY 22

Read: Ephesians 5:6-14

I received a Facebook request recently by someone wanting to be my friend.

I didn’t know this person personally but next to the request it displayed how this person was connected to a few friends in my network, so I accepted their friendship in good trust that this person was looking for a genuine friendship as well.

Lo-and-behold, within a few days I was spammed multiple times by this person, blasting me with requests to join her home-based business. I had no desire to join, nor would I purchase a product, which I voiced, yet this person would not relent. Realizing the deception of this “friendship” and recognizing that the unwanted requests wouldn’t stop, I needed to de-friend and block this person from my network list of friends.

The heart of a person is exposed by action.

Give it enough time and deceit is discerned through a disobedience of trust. While I don’t believe this person was evil, the intentions behind her “friendship” was tainted. The truth always seems to eventually expose devious intent in the same way light discloses those hiding in the night.

As believers of Christ we are called to be witnesses of truth and are deeply privileged to be heirs of God’s light.

Let’s be cautious of others who try to steer us away from God’s truth. Refrain from shadows of deceit. Embrace this privilege as believers of Light to walk in obedience to Christ.


~ Diving Deeper ~

How do your words and actions bear witness to the Light?


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