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Welcome to our online Bible study on Luke!
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DAY 20

Read: Luke 10:25-42

What can be said about the parable of the Good Samaritan that hasn’t already been said? It’s one of the most familiar stories in the Bible. A man was beaten and left for dead on the side of the road. A priest walked by . . . and kept on walking. Then a Levite too. But a Samaritan stopped and bandaged his wounds, then took him to an inn to recover, paying for all the expenses.

There was a season in my life, years ago, when I felt bloodied and bruised. Yet, no one in spiritual leadership at church took notice. No one stopped to ask how I was doing. Everyone kept walking by. I likened them to the priest and the Levite in this parable. Yeah, I judged them. It wasn’t hard to do.

The truth is, I wanted someone to notice I was hurting. I needed a friend I could talk to.

Left to myself I did the one thing I know to do . . . I turned to God’s Word. Writing words on paper, I shared everything with God. I read more Scripture. I cried and prayed and read and wrote some more.

Nothing magical happened overnight. But I kept doing this. Every day. And after a while, those tender places inside didn’t feel quite so tender anymore. I no longer bristled at the mere thought of the situation that had been so hurtful.

Perhaps you’ve been in a situation that wounded you. Perhaps you’re in a situation like that now. Perhaps you’re wishing someone would notice the pain you’re enduring — someone who could come alongside and be a friend. I sincerely pray someone does. But if no one answers that call, you are not alone. You are never alone.

When we turn to God and His Word, He meets us there. Every time.

“He sent His word and healed them.” (Psalm 107:20)

I believe the truth of this psalm. Because I’ve lived it. God’s Word can heal the most tender places in our hearts. That’s why we do what we do here at Deeper Waters, inviting women deeper into the Word, and sharing the grace of truth of Christ. Because He heals. He bandages our wounds. And then He calls us to do the same. To bandage the wounds of those around us.

Denise J. Hughes

A lover of words and the Word. Author of #DeeperWaters and the #WordWriters Bible studies.

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