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Welcome to our online Bible study on Luke!
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Read: Luke 1:39-80

My heart was pounding as I walked into the social hall of our church, clutching my brand new Women’s Devotional Bible. I was going to learn about the history of the Bible. I thought that would be a good place to start as a new believer. I sat down at a table, petrified.

“What if I have to look up something in my Bible?”

“What if someone asks me a question?”

In today’s reading, Mary rushes off to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, after learning that Elizabeth was six months pregnant in her advanced age. On the journey from Nazareth to the hill country of Judea, I wonder if the young adolescent girl agonized over how she would tell Elizabeth about her own pregnancy?

Immediately after Mary greeted her cousin, Elizabeth blessed the young girl as the mother of her Lord. The story Mary undoubtedly rehearsed over and over in her mind to tell Elizabeth was not necessary. Elizabeth already knew.

Luke writes that Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God in the older woman recognized the Spirit of God in the young girl, and their souls became immediately intertwined.

I am struck by the tenderness of the heart of God, who knew that a young, frightened girl would need the encouragement and support of an older confidant.

God didn’t just send any woman to encourage Mary. He sent her a kindred spirit. Someone who had also experienced the miraculous hand of God in an unexpected pregnancy. Someone who understood her circumstances. Someone who shared her same fears. Someone who understood the true favor of the Most High God on their lives.

Have you ever met someone and almost instantly your souls were knit together?

That evening, around a small table in our church social hall, God introduced me to a sweet lady with a beautiful heart. Barbara saw something in me I did not understand at the time. Our souls connected. God brought a kindred spirit to a young, frightened girl.

Through the years, Barbara has poured love, encouragement, and support into a tender young heart that has grown to love Jesus more than life itself. She was the first one to tell me I should write. She saw my gifting long before I would acknowledge it.

Friends affirm our purpose.

Barbara gently nudged me in her own sweet way. She gave me a journal to encourage me to write. About a month later, she said, “I’ll be happy to buy another if you are finished with that one!”

Friends challenge us to live beyond our own limitations and trust in the God who is HUGE!

Our journeys of faith are so much richer and deeper when we are blessed by kindred souls who walk alongside with us, through laughter and tears, joy and sorrow, wholeness and brokenness.

Kindred friends speak blessing and purpose over us.

Mei Au

God has such a hilarious sense of humor. He turned this bean counter into a Bible geek, from lover of numbers to lover of His Word. After spending 38 years pursuing worldly success, Mei encountered the Living Christ. So, instead of climbing corporate ladders, she has been chasing after Jesus. Mei’s passion is to help other women find their true significance in Christ.

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