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Welcome to DAY 2 of our new online Bible study on Ephesians!

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Read: Ephesians 1:3-6
I had to be chosen. I was left. Abandoned without the promise of family. A third world country on the border of India left this Bengali baby needing adoption.

Adoptive parents pursue family in ways orphans can not. I was such an orphan. I, left to my own circumstances would have flailed in great need to be made whole in the way family was designed to be. My own story is entrenched in feelings of worthlessness and alone.

We were created with value and the need to belong.

My life lived stateside becomes the testimony of adoption placing me in a family for life. The journey of family has been broken for me, actually even post adoption, but it sears to my heart the word of adoption. The word adoption leaps off the pages of Scripture in Ephesians as I consider Paul’s personal affection and bond with the Ephesians to whom he writes from his chains in prison.

Paul knew the need for acceptance by sincere believers being paramount for true belonging after his track record of persecuting the faith followers. The Ephesians gifted him this with dedication and commitment. It is fitting then that Paul speaks of family to these friends and elders.

Paul also appears to have come to a conviction that saw his God as the ultimate family; a God who wills, the God who pursues His people from circumstances and situations in which they cannot rescue themselves.

How beautiful to see the grace that allows God’s pleasure to grant us the titles of son and daughter.

Adoption to me is layered and complicated here on earth. But my adoption into the eternal family of God is seamlessly pure and freeing. I have a Father who longed for me before the creation of the world and beckons me to begin the quest for holiness now and forever more. God who loves His son Jesus Christ; He also loves me, this is adoption gone glorious.

He chooses and adopts you, too.

Do you hear Him beckoning you to life as His family?
Will you live into claiming the spiritual blessings promised?



~ Diving Deeper ~

Why did God want to adopt us as His children?
In Paul’s day adopted children had the same legal rights
as any other son or daughter,
which included the rights to their father’s inheritance.
Knowing you are joint heirs with Jesus, how might you live differently?
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Nasreen Fynewever

Nasreen Fynewever, M.Ed, consults as a freelance speaker, writer, and strategist, garnering experience in conference production management, author support, business development, as well as speaking appearances at schools, retreats, and conferences. She is a School Outreach and Equity Intervention Specialist at a high school in Minnesota. She resides in the north metro of Minneapolis with her husband and three sons. Nasreen’s heart burns for people to practice presence, to breathe hope, and to belong.

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