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DAY 19

— Read: John 8:48-59

On Day 17 we talked about the “gotcha” mentality that’s evident in some modern journalists. The interviewer seems to asks questions, not for the sake of learning answers, but for the sake of goading the interviewee into a certain response — the kind of response that would become “newsworthy.”

This line of questioning isn’t after real truth, only snippets that can be exposed for the sake of one’s own career.

That’s exactly what the Pharisees were doing to Jesus when they asked Him questions. They weren’t interested in the real truth. They were only interested in goading Jesus into a response. Maybe they could get Him angry? Maybe they could get Him to say something that was untrue?

They tried and tried. But they were unsuccessful.

And honestly, just reading about their ongoing, relentless attacks on Jesus’ character is exhausting. They would not give up. Because their hatred fueled them.

I never noticed before today how this discourse at the end of chapter 8 is the real ending to the discourse with the Pharisees who brought to Jesus the woman caught in adultery. Chapter 8 begins with them wanting to stone the woman, and it ends with them trying to stone Jesus.

He slips away from their clutches, though, because it “wasn’t yet His time.” His time to die was coming, but it wasn’t going to be on this day.

Here again we see the foreshadowing of what is to come.

The woman was forgiven and set free, but soon Jesus would pay the penalty. On the cross.



— Diving Deeper —

What thoughts come to mind when you read
the questions the Pharisees were trying to attack Jesus with?

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