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Welcome to our online Bible study on Luke!
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DAY 16

Read: Luke 8:26-56

I sat in the conference room with co-workers who were more like family. We were waiting to see what the urgent meeting was about. Rumors of reorganization, moves, and future layoffs had been floating around for weeks.

But this was the official announcement: Within six months I had to make a decision to either move my family to a new state or no longer work for the company.

After a lot of prayer, my husband and I decided that we would not move, so I began my job hunt.

The pages of the calendar flipped quickly. I found myself just days away from being unemployed when the phone rang. I was offered a position within the company but in a different division. Although I was upset to leave my work sisters, learn new functions, and take a pay cut, I was blessed to still have a job.

That job change was back in 2013.

Now fast-forward to early 2015. Once again, I found myself in the cross-hairs of a corporate downsizing. This time I didn’t feel the stress I did the first time. I truly expected a last-minute miracle. I filled out applications and waited. Again the days moved quicker than I wanted them to.

As I loaded the boxes of books from my desk into my car on the last day, I was dismayed. I had followed the same pattern in both lay-off situations.

I had prayed.
I had trusted.
I had held on to my faith.
I had testified to His goodness.

Yet, in this second round of layoffs, it seemed like God didn’t come though.

It has been six weeks at home for me now, and I am trying to learn what this new normal looks like. I have found myself asking all the questions: Why me? Why now? Why didn’t God provide like He did last time?

I wanted God to do things just like He had before. I was comfortable with that way. I understood it. Then I read today’s passage again and again and again. Reading these three stories together reminded me that His power is not in the process.

In Luke 8:26-39 Jesus simply spoke and the man was healed. Not only was the man delivered from the demon and relieved of the terrible burden, but he was altogether healed.

We’ve all heard the story about the woman with the issue of blood. She didn’t want to be seen or spoken to; she wanted to touch His robe. But it was when she reached out she was healed.

Then we find a father, Jarius, desperate for Jesus to go to his house. His baby girl was sick and needed healing. Jarius had faith — if Jesus would just come she would be healed. Yet, Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid. Just have faith, and she will be healed.”

In each of the lives Jesus healed, but He didn’t do it in the same way or in the same time frame.

Learning to trust God fully means learning to trust in His timing and His ways.

Are you in need of a healing?

Trust in Him, and also in His timing.


Amy Boyd

Amy and her husband are almost empty-nesters living in Central Alabama. Her heart is to stitch together her past with His forgiveness to show the beautiful life He designed. She is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through faith, friendship, and fitness.

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