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Welcome to our online Bible study on Luke!
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DAY 14

Read: Luke 7:18-50

Jesus noticed this woman who completely humbled herself. Her actions spoke loudly in that room:

  • She washed His feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair.
  • She kissed His feet.
  • She anointed His feet with rare perfume.

This woman was shameless. Her desire to honor Him drove her to the lowliest place. And in her, Jesus found a servant’s heart.

I can’t help but wonder . . . Would I do the same? 

I struggle to humble myself. I’ve said, “I just wasn’t born with a servant’s heart.” It sounds like a cop-out, but truly, “Acts of Service” is not my love language. Speaking encouraging words and giving hugs brings me such joy, but doing endless dishes and laundry threatens to undo me.

I should clarify: it isn’t that I want to put myself first. No, not first . . . but last? Must I, Lord? It’s not that I desire recognition, but I cringe to think of being totally dismissed or ridiculed by a room full of people.

How can I please the Lord, when I still want to please myself? 

But the Lord is kind in this passage. He simplifies what feels difficult.  Jesus explains the easiest way to do the hard work of humbling,

I tell you, her sins — and they are many — have been forgiven,
so she has shown me much love.” (Luke 7:47)

How can we, who struggle with pride, learn to humble ourselves?

  1. Look to Jesus.
  2. Confess our sin and our need for Him.
  3. Accept His forgiveness with gratitude.
  4. Love Him for all He has done for us.

When we look to Jesus, we find a servant’s heart too. Our Savior says, “Accept my teaching. Learn from me. I am gentle and humble in spirit. And you will be able to get some rest” (Matthew 11:29, EXB).

We don’t have to work harder to be “better Christians.” As we confess what He has done for us, our love for Him can’t help but grow. Loving Jesus, seeing our endless need for Him, helps us to find our rightful place. Thinking on all His goodness makes us feel humbly grateful.

Humility is the key to finding a servant’s heart, which honors Him.

Britta Lafont

Britta is a sojourner, having been both a military kid and a military wife. Now that her husband, Scott, is retired from the Air Force, her family is learning how to plant deep roots for the first time. Scott, Britta, Gracie, and Josh have settled in lovely Birmingham, Alabama, closer than ever to their New Orleans family. Britta loves to write about the intersection of God’s Word and her world.

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