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DAY 13

Read: Luke 7:1-17

We sing a lot about amazing grace. Because God’s grace is amazing.

Grace. His gift. Unmerited. Undeserved.

So we sing the song of the redeemed. How sweet the sound. We stand in awe, in utter amazement, at His lavish love for us.

I have known this grace — the grace that saved a wretch like me. It’s a grace I still need daily. It’s a grace that amazes me anew. Each and every day.

Then sometimes I wonder . . . what amazes Him?

Today’s reading in Luke 7 tells us.

The faith of the centurion amazed Jesus. Because the centurion understood the authority given to Jesus from God above. By God’s authority, Jesus could heal the sick and set the captives free. Jesus Himself said, time and again, that He was only here to do the will of the One who sent Him — the will of His Father.

Jesus was amazed at the faith of the centurion.

Do I have a faith that amazes Jesus?

We live in a culture that idolizes celebrities. Elevating people has become a favorite American pastime. We even create celebrities within the church world.

Something innate within us wants to worship someone greater than ourselves, but we miss the mark when we settle for worshiping other people. God alone is worthy of our praise.

While we love to put people on pedestals, my guess is, most of the people we put on pedestals don’t actually want to be put there. They probably don’t want the world to be amazed at their faith.

So instead of singing the praises of someone else’s amazing faith, let’s keep singing about God’s amazing grace. And let’s focus simply on growing our own faith in Christ, so one day when we stand in His presence, He will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant. Your faith has amazed Me.”

Denise J. Hughes

A lover of words and the Word. Author of #DeeperWaters and the #WordWriters Bible studies.

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