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Welcome to DAY 11 of our online Bible study on James!

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DAY 11

— Read: James 2:14-19

When I was eight, my family moved across the country. Everything we owned was in a moving truck. We awoke one morning to discover our moving truck had been stolen. Everything we owned was gone.

So instead of moving into our own home, we had to move in with Grandma until we could accumulate some basic necessities for living. Grandma lived in a small town, and everyone had heard about our plight, so folks would put bags of hand-me-down clothes and household items on Grandma’s front porch, ring the doorbell, and leave.

Even though I had literally nothing to wear but one or two changes of clothing, I hated sorting through those bags.

I’d find dirty clothes with stains and holes. Sometimes I’d even find a sock without a match.

Many of the believers in the early church knew the sting of poverty, but we’re told in the book of Acts how they shared with one another generously (see Acts 4:32-35).

So when James writes his letter to all the believers, he encourages them to put their faith in action.

James doesn’t mince words. He says it like it is. It’s not enough to tell someone in need, “I wish you well,” but then do nothing for their physical needs. True faith is evidenced by generous, caring deeds. So when we put our faith into action, let’s do so with generous hearts. Let’s not “give” our unwanted junk to other people.

The most important thing we could ever give another human being is dignity.


— Diving Deeper —

What are some ways you can minister
to the physical needs of someone in your community??


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