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Welcome to our online Bible study on James!

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— Read the PDF of the Introduction here: Word Writers James

For years my favorite author has been C.S. Lewis, and I love that he didn’t work in isolation. He started a group of writers called the Inklings. J.R.R. Tolkein and many other well-known writers were part of this group.

Their group is a testimony to the fact that we can accomplish more when we’re working together, supporting each other’s ministry and calling. This is my vision for Deeper Waters. To bring women together. To dive deeper into the Word. To learn from each other. To share our stories. And I love doing this through online Bible studies!

Today we’re beginning a new journey through the book of James.

I like James because there’s something comforting about listening to someone tell it straight. James isn’t interested in impressing people with a lyrical style. He wants to help believers become more like Christ, and he does so in a straightforward manner.

His book reads like a collection of proverbs; in fact, many of his admonitions echo Jesus’ words from the Sermon on the Mount. James is more practical than poetic, and I appreciate his candor because God has used his words to help me grow deeper in my faith.

Knowledge about God isn’t enough. Our faith must coincide with our actions. That is my prayer for us we begin this new journey together. The book of James is candid call to grow deeper in our faith.

We’re starting our new 25-Day Bible Study on James today!

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from our study on James:

We’re going through the study Word Writers — an inductive Bible study that goes through a book of the Bible, verse by verse, without skipping anything. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, you can find it at any of the normal places where books are sold, like HERE and HERE.

We’re going to read just a few verses a day. So the pace is really doable.

You can CLICK HERE to download our 25-Day James Reading Plan for FREE!

Every Word Writers study includes some beautiful, lined pages in the back where you can write out the verses for that day. We’ve found that when we write it, we remember it.

As we write God’s truth on paper, He writes His truth on our hearts.

You can see on the 25-Day Reading Plan, that we officially begin DAY 1 of the study on Monday, February 20, but you can read the introduction at the beginning of the study today!

You can CLICK HERE to download the introduction to the study for FREE too!

Our study on James will last 5 weeks, with devotions posting each day — Monday through Friday — right here on the Deeper Waters’ website. So if you’d like to receive these devotions in your inbox, you can subscribe HERE!

If you have any questions about the study, you’re always welcome to send me a note here. We love hearing from our sisters everywhere.

And always, always remember . . .

I absolutely believe that no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done . . . You are loved. You are wanted. And God has a purpose for your life.


~ Diving Deeper ~

What are you looking forward to in your study of James?


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